Esoteric Seeker

This may sound like a bit of Hocus Pocus or the musings of Erwinkle Fink for some of you but I believe we are all “New Seekers” on this planet whether we are aware of it or not – Students of life , gradually gaining an understanding of ourselves and the purpose of our existence .

We live in a modern age of technology. The internet promotes global communication and we all know that it can be a double edged sward.
However used wisely and with discretion it can be a wonderful educational tool. Google seems to be proving the old adage-“ask and you will receive , knock and the door will be open.”
The internet can be a tutorial or provide an insight on almost every subject ranging from practical DIY topics to Quantum Physics.

Keeping an open mind and thinking outside the box is what has enabled us to expand our knowledge.
Conventional science has mainly concentrated on examining the physical aspects of nature and the Universe. The dogma and naive literal beliefs of many religious organisations has alienated freethinkers, so much so that there has been a sharp decline in traditional church membership. This has also resulted in a prejudice to any words that may be linked with religion.

Topics like “Sacred Geometry “are often ignored by many because of the word association.
The fact is that it’s a scientific study into the laws of nature as espoused by Plato and others.
There are some interesting topics on the Internet, and You Tube that deserve an open minded investigation. Topics such as: –

Sound and Healing Technology
Insights into Psychic realms
Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology,
Structural Water
Water Memory
Vortex Theory & Fractals
Pyramid power
Lay lines
Chrystal Energy
The Golden Dawn, White Brotherhood, Indian, Celtic Druid and Aboriginal lore,
Consciousness, Energy and vibration, Incantation, Prayer, Yoga & Meditation
just to name a few.

All these topics are interesting and provide a different insight into the workings of nature and the cosmos.
They are paths up the mountain on our journey to a deeper understanding.
However we mustn’t just use these insights as entertainment and lose sight of the purpose of our existence which I believe is gaining an understanding of our divine nature and propagating the aspect of light and love to all.
In the words of Mantak Chia – Envelope your heart with a smile – then radiate to all ️