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The New CD from Marty Kristian

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This is an album about love, life, loss, regrets, recriminations, and reflection which are the typical ingredients of a sad country album. However, to balance things up we’ve added a few sprinklings of positivity, hope and uplift – meant to spice the cocktail and add to the flavour.

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Track Listings

2. SEVENTEEN ~ J. Bryant
3. BEAUTIFUL EYES ~ M. Kristian, A. Glass & T. Fraser
4. COOL HAND ~ M. Kristian, A. Glass & T. Fraser
5. LOOK BEHIND LEON ~ M. Kristian & A. Johnstone
6. SET EM UP ~ M. Kristian, A. Glass & T. Fraser
7. GOOD NEWS BAD NEWS ~ M. Kristian, A. Glass & T. Fraser
8. LOVE IS A TOKEN ~ M. Kristian
9. UP STREAM TREADIN’ WATER ~ M. Kristian, A. Glass & T. Fraser
10. BEGGING YOU ~ M. Kristian, A. Glass & T. Fraser
11. WE’RE ALL IN THIS GAME ~ M. Kristian
12. THE MAN WHO HAD EVERYTHING.~ M. Kristian, A. Glass & T. Fraser

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Song Samples

Spread a Little Kindness


Beautiful Eyes

Cool Hand -Title Track

Look Behind Leon

Set Em Up

Good News Bad News

Love is a Token

Up Stream Treadin Water

Begging You

Were All in This Game

The Man Who Had Everything


I’d like to thank Tim Fraser for his kind support and encouragement, Alan Glass for his musical prowess , guitar playing and arranging skills, John Bryant for his lovely song and contributions with steel guitar and bass, Albert Stebbings for his astute mastering, Antonia Hudson for layout and Web Design and to friends and family who have encouraged and helped me to complete this project.